List of Equipment

*This list contains machines that can be accessed by PMRC members for general use. Due to the PMRC's frequent collaborations with sponsors and other academic departments, some equipment used by the PMRC is project based and therefore not included on this list. Examples of project based equipment include specialized additive manufacturing machines, industrial articulated arm robots, and data acquisition units/processors.

Okuma MULTUS B300II (5-Axis Mill Turn)

Okuma Millac 44V (4-Axis Mill)

Bridgeport GX 480 (3-Axis Mill)

Okuma Spaceturn LB2000 (Mill Turn CNC)

Okuma Genos L250 (Lathe CNC)

Laser Assisted Micromill

AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P (4-Axis Wire EDM)

Toyoda 45M (Plunge Grinder)

Brown and Sharp (CMM)

Metrotom 800 (CT Scanner)

TM-500 Toolmakers Microscope

Nikon Microphot-FX Microscope

Zygo NewView 200 (Interferometer)

Talyrond (Roundness Profilometer)

Mazak VCU 500A 5X (5 Axis Mill)

Buehler VibroMet 2 (Vibratory Polisher)

Buehler Isomet 1000 (Precision Saw)

Buehler Ecomet 3 (Surface Polisher)


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