Zhipeng Pan




B.S, Material Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2013

Contact Information

Email: panzhipenghust@gmail.com
Office: Marc 211

Graduate Student Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

Current Research: 

Residual stress and micro-structure modeling in machining

Research Interests/Expertise

  • Machining mechanics
  • Process optimization
  • Finite element modeling


My hobbies include swimming and basketball.

Featured Publications

  • Z Pan, S Xia, A Gdoutou, G Ravichandran, Diffraction-assisted image correlation for three-dimensional surface profiling, Experimental Mechanics 55 (1), 155-165
  • Pan, Z., Liang, S.Y., Garmestani, H. et al., Prediction of machining-induced phase transformation and grain growth of Ti-6Al-4 V alloy, Int J Adv Manuf Technol (2016) 87: 859. doi:10.1007/s00170-016-8497-4

  • Pan, Z., Lu, YT., Lin, YF. et al. Analytical model for force prediction in laser-assisted milling of IN718. Int J Adv Manuf Technol (2016). doi:10.1007/s00170-016-9629-6

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