Roby Lynn




B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech, 2017; M.S. Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech, 2018

Contact Information


Graduate Student Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

Current Research: 

Direct Servo Control of 5-Axis CNC Machines from Voxel-Based CAM

Research Interests/Expertise

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Dynamics and Control of Machine Tools
  • Cloud Manufacturing
  • Power Electronics
  • Control of Electric Machinery


My hobbies include machining, cars, software programming, and electronics.

Featured Publications

  • Roby Lynn, Mahmoud Dinar, Nuodi Huang, et al. (2017) ‘Direct Digital Subtractive Manufacturing of Functional Assemblies Using Voxel-Based Models’. ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering.
  • Roby Lynn, Didier Contis, Mohammad Hossain, et al. (2016) ‘Voxel Model Surface Offsetting for Computer-Aided Manufacturing using Virtualized High-Performance Computing’. Journal Of Manufacturing Systems, 43, pp. 296–304.
  • Roby Lynn, Ethan Wescoat, Dongmin Han, Thomas Kurfess, (2017) ‘Embedded Fog Computing for High-Frequency MTConnect Data Analytics (in Press)’. Manufacturing Letters.
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