Patxi Fernandez-Zelaia




M.S. 2012, Mech. Eng., Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. 2009, Mech. Eng, Cornell University

Contact Information


Graduate Student Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

Current Research: 

Microstructure Sensitive Constitutive Modeling in Machining 

Research Interests/Expertise

  • Crack Formation
  • Heat resistant materials
  • Thermomechanical fatigue

Featured Publications

  • Melkote, S. N., Liu, R., Fernandez-Zelaia, P., & Marusich, T. (2015). A physically based constitutive model for simulation of segmented chip formation in orthogonal cutting of commercially pure titanium. CIRP Annals-Manufacturing Technology.
  • ​Fernandez-Zelaia, P., & Neu, R. W. (2013, October). Effect of Notch Severity on Thermomechanical Fatigue Life of a Directionally-solidified Ni-base Superalloy. In ICF13.
  • Brindley, K. A., Kirka, M. M., Fernandez-Zelaia, P., & Neu, R. W. (2015). Thermomechanical Fatigue of Mar-M247: Extension of a Unified Constitutive and Life Model to Higher Temperatures. Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 137(3), 031001.
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